HOUSTON – Looking for something cool to check out in the new year?

Seismique, a new 40,000-square-foot art museum located on Houston’s west side, just recently opened its doors.

The mind-bending, interactive experience is filled with immersive exhibits and stunning displays designed to both entertain and inspire guests.

The space features 40-plus exhibits, including 9 million LEDs, lots of bright colors, and plenty of cool sound elements.

The multi-dimensional, immersive concept features works of art by dozens of artists, many of them originating from Texas.

Seismique is the most creative, inventive and enjoyable art ever collected in one location. The 111 projectors, holograms, augmented reality, light mapping, motion tracking, and gamification will definitely make your visit a memorable one.

Visit Seismique at 2306 South Highway 6, or for more information just visit seismique.com.