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Tickets are available for each 15 minute interval throughout our open hours to facilitate your visit and minimize wait time.

Upon your arrival, visit our ticket booth and receive a wristband to gain access to our exhibit center. Once inside, explore and enjoy our spaces in any order that you like and at your own pace. Oh, and feel free to take all the pictures you like!

Special Events: 

Call or email to discuss a customized experience for your group or special event. (346) 202-6006 or [email protected].


Sunday: 10am to 9pm
Monday: Noon to 9pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Noon to 9pm
Thursday: Noon to 9pm
Friday: Noon to 11PM
Saturday: 10am to 11PM

By Appointment: If your group would like to visit outside of these hours, contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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Sunday10am - 9pm
Monday12pm - 9pm
Wednesday12pm - 9pm
Thursday12pm - 9pm
Friday12pm - 11pm
Saturday10am - 11pm

2306 Highway 6 S
Houston, TX 77077

Phone: (346) 202-6006

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