An innovative and game-changing new “intergalactic playground” — with a focus on science and space — is touching down in Houston. Seismique, a technology-fueled experiential art museum, will debut on the west side of Houston at 2306 South Highway 6 this fall.

The tech mecca will feature more than 40 unique “galaxies” (rooms) totaling 40,000 square feet inhabited by extra-terrestrial beings — brought to life by artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, gamification, and “dazzling displays of light, color, and sound,” according to a release.

The concept is the brainchild of Steve Kopelman, principal of Escape the Room — the largest escape room company in the United States. “Having worked here for the last six years on Escape the Room, I know firsthand that Houstonians are incredibly curious and culturally engaged,” Kopelman tells CultureMap.

“Many people don’t realize that Houston is also home to one of the largest working artist communities in the country and overflowing with an astonishing pool of talent, accordingly. From the outset we knew Houston would be the first city for Seismique to launch and certainly hope that our technology-fueled experiential museum will be a welcomed addition to an already-thriving cultural landscape.”

In effort to support the local artistic community, Seismique has reserved a quarter of its 40 rooms for Houston-based artists to create their own unique vessels of intergalactic expression through various art forms.

Seismique will also offer educational workshops for students from schools across the city looking for technology-driven learning opportunities in disciplines related to S.T.E.A.M. (Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Arts/ Mathematics) and will offer multiple private event spaces for meetings, events, and live performances of all kinds.

“Seismique will transport locals and visitors alike to an entirely new and unforeseen universe of creative inspiration and artistic manifestation,” Kopelman adds. “The galaxies are designed to stimulate imagination, heighten curiosity, inspire wonder, and – most importantly – deliver an extreme dose of fun.”

And perhaps most fun for science fans: The museum promises “lots and lots of aliens.”

Seismique; 2306 South Highway 6; For information, visit the official site or call 832-819-5910.

(by Steven Devadanam – originally posted on Culture Map Houston)